Dynamic Health Laboratories, فيتامين C السائل، نكهات الحمضيات الطبيعية، 1000 ملغ، 16 أوقية سائلة

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارDynamic Health Laboratories, فيتامين C السائل، نكهات الحمضيات الطبيعية، 1000 ملغ، 16 أوقية سائلة✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

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  • العلامة التجارية: مختبرات دايناميك هيلث
  • نكهات الحمضيات الطبيعية
  • الكمية: 473 مل
  • الوزن الصافي: 473 مل

العلامة التجارية ديناميك هيلث لابوراتوريز
نوع الملحق الأساسي فيتامين سي
وزن السلعة 16 أونصة
أبعاد السلعة الطول×العرض×الارتفاع 22.9 x 7.6 x 7.6 سم

أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

This product has extra unneeded ingredients that are harmful Like Vegetable Glycerin and natural lemon Lime and orange flavors that artificial flavoring. This is probably why ingredients are not able to be seen and no returns are allowed. I’ve learned my lesson don’t take a chance on buying a product without seeing the ingredients.

Excellent product. I have a finicky stomach and most liquid vitamins and supplements bother me. But not this one.I prefer liquid to the huge horse pills out there for Vitamin C. This product tastes good and my body tolerates it well. Highly recommended. I think that other customers are wrong about it being “fermented.” It’s just the product. . and as I said it tastes good and is good for you!Here are the ingredients: water vegetable glycerine agave nectar ascorbic acid lemon and lime flavors potassium sorbate.

Lewie D4.0:
We buy this for our guinea pigs who need a daily source of vitamin C. so we add it to their fresh water daily. Part of the care that’s helped them to reach senior citizen age (for guinea pigs at least–they’re 6.5 years old now!). It’s pretty good tasting too if you’d want to use it as a potent vitamin C booster. Should be refrigerated after opening for taste and potency.

The product label says “Open with care. Contents may be under pressure.” This does not even begin to sum up what to expect here. As soon as I twisted the cap slowly carefully “BOOM!” The lid exploded off the bottle and forcefully struck the base of my index finger. Thankfully no broken bones…just a minor bruise. But all I could think (as I stood there in shock) was “Holy sh*t!” If I’d had this thing pointed at my face it could’ve killed me!”Handle with care! Or don’t handle at all! Very dangerous product!

I have been buying this vitamin C for my kids many times and I have to say that it’s is a great product that everyone should use on a daily basis However just last week I bought another bottle and it arrived damaged and was leaking all over the package I wanted to return this product but the sellers doesn’t give you the option of returning! This is very frustrating after the fact that they should really stand behind their product but don’t! JUST BE AWARE WHEN YOU BUY THIS ITEM ONLINE!!!





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